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John Deere Model 320
General Specification:
Years Produced: 1956-1958
First Serial Number: 320001
Last Serial Number: 325518
Total Built: 3,083 (approx.)
Price, New: $1,900 (1960)
Horsepower (rated):DrawbarPTO/Belt
Engine Displacement
4.00"x4.00" Engine:100.5ci
Engine Rated rpm:1,850
Wheels/Tires, StandardTires
Length (inches):119.3
Height to Radiator (inches):50
Weight (pounds):2,750
Speeds Forward4

JD 320
Jeff Farlow of Raleigh, NC, is the owner of this 1956 JD 320 Standard. Jeff inherited it and most of the implements from his grandfather, who bought them new.
JD 320I
This 320I was photographed at Expo X in July of 2000. Year and owner unknown.
JD 320S
Also photographed at Expo X was this 1957 320S with mounted cultivator. Owner unknown.

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