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John Deere Model 840
General Specification:
Years Produced: 1958-1960
First Serial Number: 8400000
Last Serial Number: 8400848
Total Built: 849
Price, New: $8100 w/starting engine
$7960 w/24v, 4-battery starting system
$8295 - Handcock 7E2 Elevating Scraper
Horsepower (Max.)DrawbarPTO/Belt
6.12"x8.0" (diesel)69.775.6
Engine Displacement:
6.12"x8" Engine470.7ci
Engine Rated rpm:1125
Wheels/Tires, Standard
Length (inches):142.75
Height to Radiator (inches):81
Weight, dry (pounds):
Tractor & Scraper23,200
Speeds Forward6

JD 840
This is a JD 840 owned by Michael and James Sheets. It wouldn't fit very well on my 10,000 lbs GVW trailer, but I'd sure like to have it on my farm.
JD 840
This is the same 840, but from a different perspective. It sure looks big to be a 2-cylinder.
JD 840
And again, from a sightly different perspective.

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