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John Deere Late Number Series (420, 430, 520, 530, etc.)
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JD 320
Jeff Farlow of Raleigh, NC, is the owner of this 1956 JD 320 Standard. Jeff inherited it and most of the implements from his grandfather, who bought them new.
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JD 420
Here is a nice looking 420, year and owner unknown, seen at the 1997 Rust & Dust Show in Pfafftown, NC.
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'JD 420c
This unrestored JD 420c was seen at the Sept. '98 Nittany Antique Machinery Association show in Centre Hall, PA.
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JD 430
This 1958 JD 430 is owned by Arlis Norman of East Bend, NC.
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JD 430 crawler
This 1959 JD 430 crawler was photographed at the 1997 Threshers Reunion in Denton, NC. It is owned by Jerry Shubert of Marshville, NC. Just barely visible in the background is Jerry's 1956 720LP.
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JD 435
A JD 435 diesel seen at the 1997 Threshers Reunion.
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JD 520
Vernon Matthews of Enon, NC, is the owner of this 1956 JD 520.
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JD 520
This 1957 JD 520 is owned by Jason Beeding, of N.C.
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JD 530
Here is a JD 530 which is in the collection of Arliss Norman, of East Bend, NC.
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JD 530
This is a JD 530 standard photographed at the '98 Rust & Dust Show in Pfafftown, NC., year and owner unknown.
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JD 620
This JD 620 belongs to Tony Wicker of Tobaccoville, NC. Yeah, he's plowing already plowed ground, but he says he likes plowing in sand!
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JD 620
This JD 620 was photographed at the '98 Rust & Dust Show in Pfafftown, NC, year and owner unknown.
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