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John Deere Late Number Series (420, 430, 520, 530, etc.)
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JD 620
Also photographed at the '98 Rust & Dust Show was this JD 620 standard, year and owner unknown.
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JD 630
This JD 630 was displayed at the '98 Rust & Dust Show, year and owner unknown.
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JD 720
Another of Archie Brown's JD treasures is this 1956 JD 720.
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JD 720LP
This 720LP was seen at the 1997 Threshers Reunion in Denton, NC Year and owner unknown.
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JD 730
Here's a 1959 JD 730 diesel owned by Ken Culler of Tobaccoville, NC, hard at work pulling a 3-bottom plow at an antique tractor plowoff near King, NC.
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JD 730
Here's a good looking JD 730 diesel which is owned by David Smitherman of East Bend, NC.
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JD 820
Jason Beeding is the proud owner of this 1957 JD 820, seen at the 1997 Threshers Reunion.
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JD 830
Another 2-cylinder in the collection of Arliss Norman is this 1960 JD 830, seen with a JD 720 in the background.
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JD 830 Industrial
This JD 830 Industrial was seen at the Nittany Antique Mathinery Association (NAMA) show in Centre Hall, PA in Sept. '98.
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