The 430 Series
Built 1959-1960

A nice illustration of a yellow 430C.
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Yep, there were industrial 430s. The only difference from an industrial 430 and an agricultural 430 was the pretty yellow paint job. A supposed "industrial" 430 could even have the normal green and yellow paint. Of course-other paint schemes were avaliable at extra cost. There seems to be no special designation on the serial number plate either.

Actually, there was ONE special industrial 430, a forklift! To learn more, go here.

The industrial models were based on the 430U "Utility", and the 430C "Crawler".

430 Serial Numbers
Tag Location: Left side, clutch housing
Year Beginning S/N Ending S/N
1959 140001 157023
1960 157024 161096

Options often used to suit a 430C for industrial work.
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