The MC
John Deere MCs, a crawler based on the model M
1949-1952 (about 10500 built)

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With the model MC, Deere basically took a normal M, and slapped a set of tracks onto the chassis. It was a little more complicated than that, but not much. The MC was targeted for small farmers who needed a small crawler. However some MCs were sold for construction and forestry jobs. And a few of these recieved a coat of industrial yellow, although I haven't been able to find too many examples. More commonly I have seen them with yellow over the orignal green.

MC serial numbers
Not sure about the accuracy of this list
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Year Beginning Serial# Ending Serial#
1949 10001 11629
1950 11630 13629
1951 13630 16308
1952 16309 20509

Prices for the MC
In early 1952
Depending on the variety of different shoes, the price varied from $2213.50 to $2233.75.
Different shoes avaliable for the MC
10 inch
12 inch
14 inch
10 inch flat track (street shoes)
12 inch (all purpose)
12 inch snow
14 inch snow (hardened)
10 inch rubber

Specifications of the MC-
(taken from "John Deere Tractors and Equipment, Volume One")

Drawbar Horsepower= 18.3
Tranmission Speeds (MPH)
1= 0.80
2= 2.2
3= 2.9
4= 4.7
Reverse= 1
Clyinders= 2
Bore= 4 inches
Stroke= 4 inches
RPM= 1650
Fuel= Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity (U.S. Gallons)
Main= 9
Cooling Capacity= 3 1/2 (U.S. Gallons)
Standard Track size (inches)
10 inch shoes
Dimensions (inches)
Length= 102
Width= 67
Height=50 1/2
Weight= approximately 3700 pounds depending on options

Some Price information came from a Two Cylinder Magazine article, most other info came from very helpful people, just like you!
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