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Featuring 2-cylinder John Deere tractors native to the western-Piedmont of North Carolina
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Miscellaneous John Deere Tractors and Engines
1979 JD 314
This is my 1979 JD 314 garden tractor. I also have the 1948 A, seen elsewhere at this John Deere site, and I also have a JD 500A backhoe. I'm John Deere green (and yellow)!
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1968 JD 500A
And here is my 1968 JD 500 Series A backhoe. It's in need of a better set of tires and a more complete coat of paint, and the seat is a little on the dilapidated side, also.
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mini-JD A
This mini JD A was seen at the 1997 Rust & Dust Show in Pfafftown, NC. It is complete with a working hand clutch, pulley, and flywheel.
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mini-JD GP
And here's a mini-GP also on display at the Rust & Dust Show.
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JD stationary engine
This is a 1936 JD stationary engine on display at the 1997 Rust & Dust Show, owned by Greg Huffman.
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